STEAM-LET Doctoral training network

Goals and Scope

STEAM-LET is an interdisciplinary research training network which brings together experts from computing, educational technology, engineering, mathematics, and natural sciences, as well as social sciences including education, management and psychology from the participating universities. The network covers the following fields:

Quality in higher education builds on two pillars. Firstly, we need high quality in both basic and applied research, which provides novel results as a source of updating curricula, as well as a source for innovations. Secondly, we need high quality in the instructional process itself, such that supports students’ learning in terms of subject-specific pedagogies and educational technologies. STEAM-LET doctoral training network seeks to promote research-based instruction in this second pillar in STEAM fields (Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts & Design and Mathematics). The participating universities have a strong background in STEAM education research and development of educational technologies, which is demonstrated by that well over 50 doctors have graduated in these areas in past 5 years. There have been separate national networks, which have boosted research and dissemination of results for several years. The new network is extending the previous collaboration to combine efforts and cover several new disciplines.

The current network runs for period 2014-2017.